Weapons of the Knight

As a knight I DO NOT emphasize the weapons we carry - especially when making presentations to children.  If you had in mind for me to come before children and demonstrate how to FIGHT with these weapons, please understand that I will not do this.  Although I carry these weapons and will bring some of these to a presentation, my emphasis for the children is that weapons are NOT to be seen as good things, but as sometimes necessary for the protection of the innocent against those who seek to use wepaons to do injustice.


Halberd 2

Halberd 3

Handle of a Sword 1

Handle of a Sword 2 pommel


Sword 2

Sword 3

The knight ought to use his weapons only to defend the lives of others against unjust attack.  The Halberd is 8 foot long and is used when the knight stands guard but is seldom wielded from a horse.  The handle of the sword shown here and the pommel indicate the great craftsmanship of this sword maker.  This is a one of a kind sword but is an exact replica of a sword wielded by a knight of the middle ages.