Ideas God Has Used to Keep Men Faithful to Their Wives

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Writing Your Vow to Your Wife on the Back of a Photo of Her and Keeping that Photo With You
from Karl M. Kindt II, my father

My father, Karl M. Kindt II, wrote the vow he had made to my mother on the back of a photograph of her.  The day he was killed in action this photograph of my mother was removed from his body by the burial detail.  It was mailed back to my mother along with his other effects.  The importance of this in the castle of chivalry and fidelity is to remind all men who make this vow to carry it with them.  Why don't you write down the vow you made to your wife on the back of a photograph of her?  Keep that photograph with you wherever you go.  If you are tempted by lusts or by another woman ask God to remind you of this photo, of your vow and take it out of your wallet or pocket and recite that oath once again unto God, asking Him to give you the restraining grace you need to resist this temptation and the inspiration you need to keep this vow.