The Village of Kaboom

Once upon a time a knight determined to go on a quest to find out why people named their villages what they named them.

As he rode along he saw a sign "5 Miles to the Village of Kaboom"

"What a strange name for a village?  Why on earth would people name their village 'Kaboom'.  I will quest there to discover the reason why!"

But as he approached the village he heard the reason why - "KABOOOOOM!" and again "KABOOOOOM!"

Huge explosions rocked the ground upon which his horse was riding.

A woman came running out of the village holding a baby both of them covered with black soot.

"Oh, sir knight please come to our village and talk reason to the people there."

"Why what on earth are they doing there?"

"Oh, Oh, Oh, there is a bad professor who says he came from the future to teach us about something he calls the 'BIG BANG".  He tells the people there that once upon a nothing something blew apart and the wonderful things we see such as birds and bees and flowers and trees and even ourselves - we all came out of nothing more than a mindless explosion.  So the people liked this idea.  And then they started to blow up their homes to make them into mansions!  But all I see is rubble.  The professor tried to explain to them that it took billions of years for the explosion to make all these wonderful things but the people there are of the opinion that maybe it won't take so long to just transform houses into mansions.  So my home was blown up as I watched them try to improve it."

So the knight rode into the village in the midst of all sorts of big bangs that were just destroying the homes of the confused people of Kaboom.  The professor came over to the knight and said - "Oh sir knight, please help me try to convince these people that I did not come here from the future to encourage them to use explosions to make things better or to make their homes into mansions but simply to explain that we have discovered there was no Being who designed us and that all we see just from a big mindless explosion and something we call evolution.  I just wanted them to leave behind the silly idea of there being a god of some kind and help them move on into the thinking of the future where we have proved there was just a mindless explosion to bring all this wonderful nature we see around us."

The knight shouted to the people in between their bombs bursting in air and gave truth through the night that in the beginning God was there and that no mindless explosion today or billions of  years ago could make birds, bees, trees or babies. 

Then the people of Kaboom asked, "What is your name good knight?"  I call myself Sir KWAIN.   "But what does that mean, Sir KWAIN?

"It means Knight Without An Interesting Name."

So the people of the village decided to rename their village "The Village of WAIN" or the Village Without An Interesting Name.

Sir Kwain helped them rebuild their homes and the professor from the future helped them too.  And he said to Sir Kwain, "Perhaps we of my age have made a mistake about big bangs?"  Sir Kwain said "Well, if something came from nothing and just blew apart wouldn't it mean that your very thoughts are just parts of an explosion that happened a long time ago?  And if that could be true then our conversation is just the noise of nothing at all and your theory of evolution just meaningless sound in the air?"