Customized Video Tape Program
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Sample Video of My Slicing of a Watermelon

If you are too far away from me to afford my presence and program about knights, please contact me about the customized video tape presentation.  I have made a number of customized tapes for schools, churches, scouts, history teachers, birthday party celebrations, wedding rehearsal dinners - each containing essentially what I would have presented in person for these different events and situations.

Tape could include the following:

* Putting on the armor and the morning ritual of the knight

* Close up views of each part of the armor

* Stories from the middle ages which promote chivalry - such as "Sound for Smell", "Sir William Marshall", "Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady", "Sir Pumpkin", "Sir Kwain and the Name Dragon".  Each story is both entertaining yet presents and excellent moral.

* For churches a presentation about the Armor of God

* Sword and weapon demonstration but with emphasis upon how the tongue is more powerful than the sword and how the tongue ought to be used to build others up, not tear them down.  The emphasis is upon how the knight pledged not to use weapons except in the cause of justice and under the proper authority of the government.

Sample Video of My Slicing of a Watermelon

Other sample videos

Zoom on armor

Movement of Armor