Sir Watermelon

This story teaches children how to be mad but not be bad.  It is a lesson about how to control one's temper and channel one's anger into good deeds.  A little boy gets mad at watermelons, becomes a knight called Sir Watermelon and well, the story is hilariously funny but what a spectacular lesson about how to control one's temper!

Sir Watermelon

Copyright 2002 by Karl M. Kindt III


Once upon a time there was a little boy whose father raised big watermelons.

One day he said to him self “Today I am going to push a watermelon down the hill into the ocean!”

So he walked up to the top of the hill and there on top was a big watermelon.  He pushed and pushed but he couldn’t make it go down the hill.

“Aw, I’m too little!” he said.

So he walked down the hill toward the beach.  “I’ll just go down there and play in the sand” he said.

As he walked down the hill he heard a thumpin’ and bumpin’ noise behind him!

He turned around to see what was making that noise.  It was the big watermelon!  It broke loose off its vine and rolled down the hill right after him.  He ran as fast as he could but the watermelon caught up to him.  It rolled right over him and pushed his face right down into the mud.

He got up out of the mud and watched the watermelon roll down into the sea and the waves took it away.

He got very mad and said “When I grow up I’m gonna become a big knight!  I’m gonna get a big sword!  And I’m gonna go around and caught up every watermelon I can find!”

And that’s just what happened!  He grew up and became a big knight.  He got a big sword.  Riding around from village to village he would stop you and say with a very mad voice “Do you have watermelons here?”  And if you said “Yes, we do.”  he would say “Take me to your watermelon patch!”

And then he would take out his big sword and cut up every watermelon.   Pretty soon there were no more watermelons left in all the land.  So he rode back to home.  He walked down to the beach and looked out on the ocean and said “I wish that watermelon that bounced up and hit me on the head when I was a wee boy would come back on the ocean waves.”  Then he pulled out his sword and said “I’ve got a big sword and I’d let it taste my blade!”

And as he watched way out on the ocean he saw something very far away that looked like it might be the watermelon.  There were very big waves that day and as they brought it closer and closer Sir Watermelon (for that’s what he was called) saw that it was the very same watermelon that had pushed his face into the mud when he was a little boy.  So he pulled out his sword and got ready to cut it in half.

But something was wrong!  As the watermelon was thrown closer and closer to shore, he saw it had become a gigantic watermelon!  Having been out there on the ocean all these many years it had grown to be bigger than his father’s house!

But the big waves rolled it up onto the beach and it rolled up the hill after him.  Sir Watermelon ran as fast as he could but with all his armor on he couldn’t stay ahead of it and it rolled right over him, pushing him, armor and all right down into the mud.

He got up and wiped the mud out of his visor and watched the watermelon bounce up to the top of the hill and then it started to roll down the other side.  “Oh, no!” he said.  My father and mother are sleeping in their house at the bottom of the hill!  That giant watermelon will roll right over the house.”

So he took out his sword and threw it at the watermelon and cut it right in half.  And everyone lived happily ever after and had plenty of watermelon to eat!

Moral of the story:

When we get mad we get tempted to do bad.  It’s okay to be mad when things go wrong.  But be careful when you get mad.  Think of the little boy in this story.  He got mad and then he did bad!  When you get mad you feel much stronger and you have to do something with all that mad strength.  So be careful when you get mad and follow these rules of chivalry.

Look at how strong you get when you are mad!  You’ve got to do something with all that mad strength.  So here is what a knight teaches so you can control your temper:

  1. count to ten (or as high as you have learned to count)
  2. while you are counting try to think of something good to say or pray and ask God to help you think of something good to say.
  3. and if you listen carefully you’ll probably think or hear something like this “CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM!”

So you’ll use all that mad strength to do something good.  Let’s say you do clean up your room.  Now your mother or father comes and looks into your room.  “Wow!  What happened?  I thought you were mad?  Usually when you are mad you do bad?  But you picked up your whole room!”  And you will answer them “Not any more!  I remember the story of Sir Watermelon!  From now on when I get mad I count to ten and think of something good to do with all this mad strength so I won’t do bad like him!