Sir Wally the Big Knight and the Little Chicken

Sir Wally is the biggest knight that ever lived.  Yet he didn't get his courage from the right source.  So read along and learn about how he learns where true courage comes from.

Sir Wally the Big Knight and the Little Chicken

by Karl M. Kindt III

copyright c2003 by Karl M. Kindt III

Please do not distribute or print this story without my permission.


Long time ago there was a big strong knight name Sir Wally.  Oh, he was so strong and big that no one could defeat him.  And he was very proud of his strength.


“I am so big and so strong, no one can beat me.  I am afraid of nothing because I am so strong.”


Well this great knight liked to go about looking for trouble and people in trouble and then show off how strong he was by helping them.  Oh, I suppose he liked to help people, but he was most concerned to show how big and strong he was.


One day he came to a village and there was a very bad black smith who use to go around the village with his big hammer and make people afraid he would hit them with it if they didn’t give him what he wanted.  For example, one day he came to a woman’s house who made good cherry pies.  He said:


“Hello, my dear lady, I would like a nice big cherry pie today.  Give it to me now.”


“Well, sir, that will be 20 pence.  That is the price I charge for a whole pie.”


He held up his big hammer over his head and said:


“I don’t think there will be any charge for this pie today, do you?”


“No, sir, no, no.  I see your hammer.  Today the pie is free.  You may take it and please go a way.”


Well the big knight came riding into this village one day and all the villagers came up to him and said:


“Oh, my, you are a big, big strong knight.  We have a very evil man here who is our black smith but he uses his big hammer to scare and frighten us to give him whatever he wants.  Please go and take him away to the dungeon.”


“Ha!  I will show you how strong I am and because I am so strong and so big I fear no man not even a blacksmith with a hammer.”


So Sir Wally rode over to the blacksmith shop. 


“Hello Mr. Blacksmith.  I am here to take you to the dungeon today.  Now come along, get on your horse and follow me.”


The blacksmith looked at how big this knight was and strong too and said:


“I see you are a big knight and so strong too, but I have this big hammer.  If you try to take me I will beat you with it sir!”


Sir Wally grabbed the blacksmith and took the hammer right out of his hand and tied him with ropes and took him to the dungeon.


So Sir Wally came back to the village and said. 


“So now do you see how big and strong I am!  I am so strong I fear no one. Ha!  No one is as big and strong as me!”


The villagers were grateful to Sir Wally but they all said:


“My what a boastful knight he is, so proud of himself and how big and strong he is.  Pride comes before a fall and so we wonder when he will be humbled and by whom?”


Well Sir Wally road along looking for his next adventure and he heard a lady crying for help.


“Help me!  Hurry help me sir!”


“What is wrong my lady?  I see nothing to fear around here?”


“Oh sir knight there is a great dragon chasing me.  He breathes hot gas out of his mouth that can burn us up.  Will you fight him and stop him from chasing me?”


“Oh, of course!  Can’t you see how big and strong I am?  Why would I be afraid of a little old dragon.”


“Oh, sir knight.  He is not little.  He is the biggest dragon I have ever seen.  Oh, no, here he comes now I can smell his stinky hot gases.  He is near.  Can you hear his foot steps now?  Hear how loud they are and he makes the ground shake!”


So the lady climbed up as high as she could in a big, big tree.


Sir Wally was afraid.  He hid behind a bush.  The giant dragon ran up to the tree and started to climb up after the lady.  But Sir Wally hid and was so frightened because this dragon was bigger than a house and much bigger than Sir Wally and much stronger too.


“Oh, sir knight, please help me.  Where did you go?”


But Sir Wally stayed hidden behind the bush and hoped the giant dragon wouldn’t turn and see him there and breath on him with his hot gas and catch him on fire.


“Oh, no, oh, no” the lady cried.  The dragon was almost close enough to her now up in that tree that in just a few moments more he would burn her up.


But then a little tiny chick came hopping down the road.  He saw big Sir Wally hiding behind the bush. 


“What are hiding from big strong knight?”


“Why you foolish little chicken, look up there in that tree!  Don’t you see that giant dragon and how he burns the branches with his hot breath?  You had better hide here with me.”


“Oh, no!  Look at that poor lady up there.  We must help her or she will be burned up!”


“How could you help her you little weakly chick?  If I am afraid, as big and strong as I am so should you be?”


“No, sir knight.  I am not afraid.  I will help the lady.”


So the little chick hopped up into the tree.  He hopped higher and higher until he reached the dragon’s tail.  He hopped up the dragon’s back and then hopped right up onto the dragon’s nose.  The dragon saw him but just as he reached for the little chick with one of his big clawed paws, the chick took its little wing and tickled the dragon in the nose.




The dragon sneezed a gigantic sneeze.  The little check quickly had jumped off the nose of the dragon onto a branch and when that dragon sneezed that hot gas and fire out of his nose that sneeze was a like a giant rocket and he hurled himself far far away and landed in a lake where the water put out his fire and smoke came up and that was the last anyone ever saw of that dragon.


“Oh, brave little chick.”  the lady said.


“Thank you so much for saving my life.  There was a giant knight here but I think he ran away or hid when he saw the dragon.  But you, so little and so brave!  Thank you so much.  Oh, thank you.”


The lady went on her way and then Sir Wally came out from behind the bush.


“Little chick, how can you be so brave when someone is so much bigger and stronger than you?  I was too afraid to help her.  I want to be brave like you!”


“Oh, sir knight, you are afraid because you care more for yourself than for someone else who needs you.  If you would be courageous you must not let your fear make you more concerned for you than for another.”


“But how can I be that way?  How can I be more concerned about another than for myself?”

“Oh, sir knight, you do not know and you are a knight?  I think you need to find the WAY yourself.  Go yourself on a quest and find the way.  For it has been said, Seek and Ye Shall Find, Knock and the Door will be opened to you.  I have found the WAY, so you must seek and find how to be a brave knight who doesn’t look to his own strength for his courage but finds another way.”

My dear children, I have told you this silly story to teach you that being proud of what gifts you have or the strength you have is not a good thing.  Being happy you have such gifts is good but do not boast or be so proud for it is true that such pride comes before a fall.  Just because you happen to have such wonderful strength or talents that others may not have, doesn’t mean you should boast about these but rather you ought to seek a humble way to use this strength and your gifts to help others for that is the way of chivalry.

There is One who can give you such courage.  He is the King of all Kings and He came to suffer and die for our sins.  Believing in His love for you, He will give you all the courage you need in your life.  His name is Jesus Christ.