A Knight's Shield

Each knight designs a special crest of arms.  In this crest there are symbols of his convictions and his family.  On the shield below there are several symbols explained.

shield200001.JPG (128195 bytes)

My shield was constructed in Australia by a famous shield maker.  It is wood.  It is curved.  The three symbols are the blue and white diagonal stripes, the red cross and the fleur delis flower.  Each is explained below.
The blue and white stripes were worn by my father, Karl M. Kindt II, the day he was killed during World War II.  These are the stripes of the 3rd Division of the United States Army.  They are a part of my crest of arms to symbolize the courage of my father and to honor his sacrifice for liberty.

The fleur delis symbol stands for the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - it means just as the flower may have three pedals but is one flower so there are three Divine Persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit but nevertheless One God in Three Persons.

It is also the symbol of King Louis IX of France after whom the city of St. Louis is named.  This great city has a statue of this great King holding up his sword like a cross in the front of the great art museum in Forest Park.

I was dubbed the first knight of the City of St. Louis by the Mayor in 2000 A.D.  See photos of this elsewhere on the website.

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The red cross is the symbol of my faith in Jesus Christ as the King I serve.  It reminds me of the blood He shed for our sins on the cross that I might have forgiveness of my sins.  All knights serve in the name of the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ.