The Knight's Oath

Be loyal

of hand and of mouth,

Seeking to serve every man

As best you may.

Seek the fellowship in this day

of good men,

hearken unto their words

and remember them.

Be humble and courteous, wherever thou goest

not talking too much,

neither being dumb altogether.

Allow no woman or maiden to suffer by your default.  If you must give your life to defend them, do so.

And if you fall into the company of men or boys who speak in a disrespectful way of any woman or maiden, you are to let them know in gracious words (speaking the truth in love) that this displeases you and depart their company forthwith (until such time as they repent and delcare such to you).

And you are to promote faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Savior and defend those who seek to worship in His Name anywhere on the face of this earth that He has made.



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