Parading Chivalry in St. Louis

Whenever anyone participates in a parade they have their mission. Parading is one way a knight today has opportunity to lift up a concern for chivalry. You will notice in this photograph I am holding my sword upside down. This is the knight's way of drawing attention of the crowds to the image formed by a sword when held with handle up. The picture is that of a cross. Remember that the knight knows that no chivalry is produced within the heart of a man apart from a relationship to the Prince of Peace and the Lord and King of Kings. The cross reminds us that Jesus is the Lord of every true knight and that every true knight believes righteousness and holiness come to us as a gift of grace through Him who died in our place upon the cross, rose from that death and offers to dwell in those who would enter His kingdom. The upside down sword in the shape of a cross issues forth this message: "It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me." Galatians

The knight by his very oath is sworn to promote faith in a loving God who came to earth through the virgin Mary, by incarnating Himself to be Jesus. On the cross the very God who made us suffered and died in our place for our sins. The crusading knight does not try to force others to believe this news but he is determined to announce this news as true news. He knows that this is not a matter of religion but a matter of historical fact to which he is committed by his knightly oath. The knight knew that it is not by our good deeds or good works that we are saved from our sinful selves but through the work of Jesus Christ upon His cross. The knight believes that his salvation is anchored not by his shinning armor but by the shinning perfect life of the Prince of Peace, who lived a perfect life. This righteousness of Jesus Christ is called the breastplate of righteousness in Ephesians 6 where we are told about the armor of God, armor God provides to all who will receive it.

Other images:

Image25.gif (243836 bytes)The knight's armor may glisten in the sun but he is not a knight in glowing armor unless he wears the righteousness of Jesus Christ, the King and Lord and Savior of us all.  His is a foreign righteousness coming not from his own nature but from the Holy King He serves and it is this loving Savior King who can make us all aglow with the love He has for each of us.



Image27.gif (567362 bytes)This helmet is a German helm in exact replication of a 15th century helmet worn by an English knight.  Many of the English knights preferred the German helm because of its strength - glancing ridges on its top shed the blow of battle hammers.







Image3.gif (15791 bytes)The high shoulder pauldrons are protectors of the knights neck.  Notice that the right shoulder pauldron is much smaller than that which is on the left shoulder.  From this you may deduce that I am a right handed knight since swinging the sword completely through its cross stroke required a lower sword arm pauldron.






Image29.jpg (15341 bytes)This view of the armor displays the vambrance or arm coverings and the powerful breast plate.  The glancing ridges visible on the chest plate were to thwart a direct thrust by the tip of a powerful sword.  The saw like edges on the pauldron were often used as weapons in close combat with foot soldiers.







Image62.gif (26194 bytes)The horse is a Percheron - 8 foot from head to hoof - it is one of the largest horses God has created.  This horse is a direct descendant of war horses of the middle ages.  Weighing over 3,000 pounds and much more if fully armored itself, this horse was the tank of medieval times.





KLEIDSDALE.jpg (81037 bytes)The horse in this picture is a Kleidesdale at Grant's Farm.  The Kleidesdale was also used as a war horse.  It was broader than the Percheron but it was not as ferocious a fighter.

In this picture you also see the fascination of children with armor and knights.  This photo was taken at a birthday party held for Grandma Busch and these are some of the children at the party.  Wherever a knight appears with children and he encourages them to honor father and mother, the future of the society is strengthened.

The sword of the knight was pledged to the cause of Jesus Christ.  It is often thought that Jesus Christ ordered the disciple Peter to put away his sword meaning that no followers of Jesus ever should use the sword for the cause of justice.  This is not what He intended.  No steel sword of a knight can be used to promote the cause of the Kingdom of God - only the Word of God which is called the Sword of the Spirit can be used for this purpose.  However, a knight for Christ in service to the government could use it to execute justice in civil society.