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IIn 1776 the people of America took the power from King George not only to govern themselves but also took the King's power to dub their knights.

So it is in America a man is dubbed a knight not by a king or queen but by the people who elect their public servants.

Numerous American children have dubbed me their knight.

The mayors of six American cities have dubbed me the official knight of their cities:
St. Louis, MO
Gerald, MO
Webster Groves, MO
N. Tonawanda
New York
Washington, Illinois
Forsyth, Illinois

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David Altman a brave knight in 1970



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If you need a knight, regardless of where you are, my motto is "Have armor, will travel."

So far I have served as a knight in the following states:

New York

It has been my great honor to serve in over 300 public schools, over 50 Christian Schools, in nearly 100 Christian Churches, Bible Schools and Sunday Schools, over 50 Scout Pack and Blue and Gold Banquets and at many, many birthday parties.  I have also served at Wedding Rehearsal Dinners, serve as a guard at restaurants, parks and other places.

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Some places I have presented programs:

St. Louis Art Museum

Liberty Hill Baptist Church
Dexter, MO

Kids R Kids
1020 Meyer Rd.
Wentzville, MO

Magic House in Kirkwood

Parkway UCC
2814 Ballas Rd,
Balwin, MO
Vacation Bible School

Emmaus Home Chapel.
St. Charles, MO

Central Baptist Church.
Eureka, MO

Sedalia, MO
Missouri State Fair

Dressel Elementary School

Pack 169
Assumption Catholic Church
Mattis Road

More News Coverage of My Work as a Knight Watch These Videos Click HERE

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Karl M. Kindt III

314 308 7075

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Official Knight in 4 States
Dubbed by Mayors in the cities and towns of:
St. Louis, Gerald, Webster Groves, MO; Bethalto, Forsyth, Washington, Effingham IL, North Tonawanda, NY; Creve Coeur, MO; Marathon County, WI

Dubbed in Wisconsin
By Assemblyman
and two new squires

Birthday Parties
Anniversary Events
Wedding Rehearsal Dinners
Home Schoolers
I travel throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom

Read the story of how I became a real knight in America and why it is possible to be a real knight in the United States.


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My father
Karl M. Kindt II
Killed Liberating Others
on April 12, 1945





Karl M. Kindt III

314 308 7075
Dubbed a Knight by 11 Mayors in Missouri, Illinois, New York and in Wisconsin by State Assemblyman

dubbed in West Plains, Missouri July 2012


See my friends website:

Services Offered as a Knight
Wedding rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, scout events, schools, libraries, armed guard services.

  1. School Programs Knights & Chivalry

  2. Scout Programs  Knights & Scouts

  3. Church Programs - armor of God

  4. Birthday Parties - Games & Stories

  5. Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners

  6. Armed Guard

  7. Libraries

  8. Handle and Try on Real Armor

  9. The Knight and Children

  10. The Armor and its Sound video clip

  11. Fencing Information


Stories that Promote Chivalry
Order your Audio CD of all the stories listed below - only $15 and that includes shipping and an autographed color photo of this knight in his armor

  1. Sir William Marshall - true story

  2. King Louis IX - true story

  3. Sir Gawain & the Loathly Lady

  4. Sir Watermelon

  5. Sir KWAIN and the Name Dragon

  6. Sir KWAIN and Humpty Dumpty

  7. Sir KWAIN and Peter Pumpkin Eater

  8. Sir Wally the Big Knight and the Little Chicken

  9. The Village of IMNOTSURE

  10. The Village of Kaboom

  11. Sir KWAIN and Rumplestiltskin

  12. The Scout Oath and the Knight
    Values in these Stories

A Real Knight? Yes!
Dubbed a knight by four mayors of four American cities - St. Louis, Missouri - Webster Groves, Missouri - Gerald, Missouri and North Tonawanda, New York - the first knight of each city and the only American official knight of any city as of this date 12/18/2002

My Armor, Shield and Weapons
Real 82 pounds of medieval steel armor - real swords though those brought into schools and scouts are not sharpened - numerous medieval weapons - but the emphasis of this knight is not on weapons but chivalry

  1. Close Up View of My Armour

  2. Images of My Armor and How to Dress in Armor

  3. Diagram of My Armor

  4. The Shield and Crest

  5. Photos of armor, sword and shield

  6. Weapons of the Knight

  7. Modern armor worn by knights and soldiers

  8. What is a catapult?

Photos Gallery

  1. Knights at the World's Fair of 1904  

  2. My Horse  

  3. The Horse I Ride

  4. New Images of John Smythe's Helmet

  5. Parade Thanksgiving

  6. Click Here for More Pictures

  7. A Knight on a Horse

  8. Images of Knights

  9. New: Davinci Drawings

  10. Knight reflected in water with his oath (takes a while to load)

  11. Armor in Motion - (video)

  12. Armor Pointing (video)

The Faith of this Knight

Though I am commited to Jesus Christ I serve everyone regardless of their faith and in the public schools I do not cross the line between separation of church and state - yet Jesus Christ is Lord, King and Savior and everyone who wishes to hear about Him and His love will hear about Him from a knight

  1. The Faith I Defend

  2. The Order of Westminster

  3. The Ancient Oath and Prayer of Knights

  4. The 70 Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards (these display Biblical Chivalry)

  5. Favorite Passages of Scripture

Videos - Cds - Story Books Available

  1. Children's Book

  2. Call for Story Video

  3. Call for a Story CD DISK!

  4. Customized Video Tape Program about Knights or Stories on CD

Other Things

  1. Secret Things in the Pommel or Handle of a Knight's Sword

  2. Slide Show of Armor at Metropolitan

  3. Pictures of Armor and More

  4. What is in the Handle or Pommel of the Knight's Sword?

  5. Armor Made of Much Stronger Stuff than Steel

  6. The Ancient Oath of the Knight

  7. Real Dragons

  8. Table of Contents of This Site

  9. Listen to a parent speak of my birthday party stories

  10. T.V. Appearance - but this takes a while to download - its good though!

  11. An Idea for Husbands
  12. The Shield and My Crest of Arms
  13. The Knight and His Horse
  14. The Oath of the Knight
  15. Humility
  16. Sir William Marshall of England
  17. Art Museum Hired This Knight to Promote Painting on Light
  18. My Armor was Created by Christian Fletcher - click here to see his website
  19. Links to Friends and Other sites of Interest
  20. Large Image of the Armor

  21. Collage of Photos to Print

  22. Click Here for Slide Show

  23. New Program about the 1904
    St. Louis World's Fair and Classes

  24. Putting Away the Sword



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