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Oak Park

Librarians have often invited me to tell stories about knights and castles and the middle ages - all teach good aspects of chivalry and all are action packed with good humor as well.

When I tell stories I always like to refer to books you have in the library that might be about knights, chivalry and the middle ages.  Making a special display with these books and resources can be a good way to put these books out in circulation off the shelves.

Adult programs are also available when the stories that are told are aimed at encouraging adult readers to read Sir Walter Scott and others who have written good histories about knights, chivalry and the middle ages.

Program Director for Children of ALL the St. Louis Country Libraries
Bianca Roberts
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Columbia, Missouri Libraries
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Daniel Boone Library
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Ricky Mara
Kirkwood Public Library
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Edwardsville Public Library
618 692 7556 - Mrs. Ike Day

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Sarah Hunt 573 898 5864

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