Knight Stories for Night Time
A Story CD

by Karl M. Kindt III
Knight of the Order of Westminster

The following stories teach lessons of chivalry but are, if I do say so myself, hilarious.

  1. Sir Watermelon or Sir Pumpkin (depending on the season) - how to be mad without doing bad

  2. Sir Kwain and the Name Dragon - the importance of your name and reputation

  3. Sir Kwain and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater - how to use your strength to help not be a bully

  4. Sir Kwain and Humpty Dumpty - three lessons - be careful, tell the truth, use your hands to be helpful

  5. Sound for Smell - the lesson of being happy for what others have and not coveting

  6. Sir Wally and the Chicken - how to be brave
    All of the Above are on Volume I - the first CD

  7. Sir William Marshall of England - true story about learning to honor father and mother

  8. The Village of IMNOTSURE - how to be certain of the true things that give you peace

  9. The Village of Kaboom - once upon a nothing, something blew apart? - how we are designed and created not just an accident of an explosion

  10. Sir Gwain and the Loathly Lady - how though we are by our fallen nature selfish we can have a new nature that is unselfish
    7-10 are on cd Volume II

I also create original stories just for you and your child.  You name the moral of the story and I'll make up a story to make the point.  I will add this customized story to either of the CDs above for an additional cost of $5.00.

There are two volumes of stories - each CD costs $15.00 - includes shipping and you are given an autographed color photo of this knight in his armor.

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