The armor worn by Knight For Hire Karl M. Kindt III is real steel, personally forged for his body.
A Knight Dressing for a Day's Work

Step 1

The entire body is first dressed in very thick cloth and leather clothing.  Armor is sized for a person with this in mind.  Thick under clothing of tough fabric and leather prevents skin and muscle damage from possible metal pinching.

Step 2

The battle armor consists of 15 unique pieces.

Step 3

In this picture 6 pieces of armor have been placed on the legs.  On each leg starting from the bottom are: sabbaton (shoes), greaves (shin), cuisse (thigh) in the hand are over 1,000 steel rings in the chain mail coif that is about to be put over the head.

Step 4

After a an arming cap the coif or chain mail hood is placed over the head,  chain mail is draped over the head, neck, and clavicle area