Humpty Dumpty and Sir KWAIN

As I was riding along I saw something all scrambled upon the ground.  And there lying in a pool of yellow yolk were a pair of red lips and they started talking to me and said "help, who are you riding there?  Put me together again!"  I said what were you and the lips said "I was a beautiful big egg called Humpty Dumpty, what are you?  I can't see you for my eyes have rolled over there behind that tree......."

A knight named Sir KWAIN (Knight Without An Interesting Name) comes across poor Humpty Dumpty scrambled on the ground.  The result, a good lesson in how to put an egg together again but also to be careful and honest.  This story has a humorous squirrel who takes Humpty's big ears and some angry bees who want the honey back that Sir Kwain uses for glue.