A Knight to Remember

Attendees at the library’s June 28 program, “A Knight in Shining Armor,” were treated to bit of living history. Karl Kindt II of St. Louis, an official modern-day knight, entertained an enthralled audience with tales of knights and their code of chivalry (above left). Then, in a special knighting ceremony, all were witness as Mayor Hap Gilbert named Sir Karl the “true and only knight of the Village of Forsyth.” Kindt, dressed in his 80-pound, full suit of armor and carrying a shield, accepted the honor and vowed to serve as protector of the Village and its residents (above right).

Following the presentation, children decorated shields bearing their family colors and motto and enjoyed refreshments. “It was a very special treat for our summer readers – a hero from the past brought to life right before our eyes,” said Children’s Librarian Lorraine Getty. “We are only the fifth community to be fortunate enough to claim the services of of Knight Kindt, and the first in Illinois.” Learn more about Sir Karl (whose motto is “Have Armor, Will Travel”) at www.knightforhire.com.