The following email was received after my appearance at the Columbia Public Library in July.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your presentation at the Columbia Public Library today. I am one of the mothers who had the opportunity to meet you and thank you after the presentation, but I'm writing to thank you again and to share one of my son's comments with you.

First I have to say how delightful it was to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus proclaimed so boldly in our Library. I will truly thank my God every time I remember you! You are certainly a brave and powerful and effective warrior for Christ. I have a special burden for our Library and the Staff and I just love it when miracles happen there. I am excited that I was privileged to witness one today. God has given you a wonderful ministry. You struck a powerful blow against the enemy of Jesus who oppresses all His precious little lambs in Columbia. My husband, Mike and I are trying to raise our sons according to the teachings of the Bible. We are very grateful to have those teachings reinforced by what you presented today.

My son Luke who is 7  1/2 talked about you at bedtime tonight. He said, "I learned a lot from that man." I said, "I did too. What did you learn?" He told me that he learned that Knights still exist and that they don't like their weapons. then he expressed how much he liked seeing you and listening to you. Luke is an adventurous, tender-hearted little man. This past year he started fighting the enemies of God in play. His weapons are a plastic sword and wooden shield crafted by him and his wonderful daddy. He painted a crest on his shield with special meaning to him. He was all eyes and ears while you were before us!

David, our oldest son, is 10. You may remember him because he had a handkerchief over his nose and mouth. Early and often you spoke of chivalry. I was so happy to be able to whisper in David's ear that he was displaying chivalry as you defined it by wearing that handkerchief. He wore it to protect all the other children from germs in case he had to cough. His doctor said he had walking pneumonia on Monday and that he wouldn't be contagious after Tuesday, but we didn't want to take any chances. I am so thankful that he felt well enough to go out and that we didn't miss your presentation.

We look forward to meeting you again. As we study the middle ages this year, your living lesson on knighthood will be at the forefront of our minds. We will pray for you that God will  continue to strengthen you and annoint you for the battles to which you have been called by Him.


Mrs. Michael Rawlings