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Komodo and Rinca islands are part of Indonesia in the Indian Ocean, and is an archipelago of 13000 
islands and 220 million people.  These 
dragons do indeed run free in Rinca but are kept in enclosures on Komodo. 


.  The Komodo dragon grows to 20 feet in length.  It can swim.  It can run at over 20 mph.  It can climb trees.  It is a blood thirsty, blood sniffing shark toothed maniac of a killer.  Thank God it only exists today in zoos and on a few small islands in the Pacific ocean where it is left to itself except for a handful of villagers who are in the zoo on the Komodo Island behind a tall, a very tall, chain link fence.

These dragons of our age are often larger than those portrayed in Medieval paintings of their counterparts which at one time most certainly roamed through early Medieval Europe.

Did any of these actually breath fire?  I think some of them did.  I think this because there is a good reason to think so.  There is a creature on this earth today which can burn your fingers with a blast of hot gases it produces by mixing two volatile chemicals.  These chemicals cause a load explosion, likened by some to the sound of gunfire.  It is the bombardier beetle.  If this small creature can cause such a blast within its small one inch body then what kind of noise and smoke and heat could be produced by a 20 foot dragon?

The Komodo dragon slobbers a much deadlier substance than chemical gases from its shark toothed mouth - a highly toxic saliva with a bacteria payload that is equivalent to any of man's biological warfare weapons.