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A Knight of

World War II

buried in St. Avold, France with 10,000 other American knights

But please sign petition to help me bring him back to be buried here in the USA

This is Karl M. Kindt II, my father. He married my mother in October of 1944. On their honeymoon, I was conceived. Before he was killed, he had news from my mother that he was to be a father. He wrote a letter to me and gave it to a friend. The letter was to be delivered if he was killed. It was delivered on the day I was born, July 8, 1945. My dad was killed on April 12, 1945. The letter he wrote to me has encouraged me and I hope it will also encourage. These are the first and last words of a young knight addressed to his son. My father is buried in a cemetery in France with over 10,000 other American knights.

The words of a knight to his son and young wife:


To the New one:

We, your mother and I, thank God that you are here. We promised God, to do our very best in your nurture and development. We will care for pray for your good as long as we are able. Your life, is our life and joy. Wherever I may be when you are read this, smile just a little, and always remember that you have, "THE BEST," mother in the world. If I should fail in my duty, to return to her, I want you, to take my place at her side. But don’t be dismayed, for it would be a high honor to give my life for the most sweetest, most beautiful woman in existence!!, so that she may live in peace and security. But why be so gloomy - I’ll return and when I do I want to see you strong and healthy and I want you to mind your mother. All my love to you Suzy, give some of my love to "The new one" too.

Sacrifice for liberty.jpg (87681 bytes)My father worked for the Remington Rand company in 1943 before he entered the Army.  After his death the company sent this memorial card to my mother who kept it for me to consider.  I share it with you for your thoughtful consideration.