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boy_tries_on_armor.jpg (16512 bytes)   close_mask_knight.jpg (25446 bytes)
My Step-Dad John Prescott
guard_at_church_doorKarl1.jpg (77522 bytes) halbalard2.jpg (4589 bytes)
dadsgrave.jpg (37132 bytes)
My Father's Grave
diagramofarmor.gif (111643 bytes) helmetonly.jpg (25020 bytes) image1.gif (140061 bytes)
My Dad
Karl M. Kindt II
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squire_peterKARL3.jpg (93555 bytes)
Peter Lilley
shield2.jpg (16528 bytes) kforh knight from fair.jpg (49357 bytes) king louMvc-330x.jpg (42739 bytes) knightopenface.jpg (55725 bytes)
Mvc-001f.jpg (69571 bytes)
My Mother and Dad Kindt
Mvc-795x.jpg (58222 bytes) distance2.jpg (17847 bytes) image27.gif (125026 bytes) parade1.jpg (44951 bytes) image65.gif (116458 bytes) image29.jpg (15341 bytes)
lo3.jpg (32127 bytes)
St. Avold France
Where my father is buried
knight.jpg (38226 bytes) knight15.gif (112314 bytes) image104.gif (162234 bytes) image3.gif (15791 bytes) image67.gif (139683 bytes)
image79.gif (62156 bytes)
At A Medieval Feast
image77.gif (58985 bytes) pommeldragons.jpg (16561 bytes) kforh.jpg (34744 bytes) onhorsethanksgivingday.jpg (11358 bytes) Sacrifice_for_liberty.jpg (87681 bytes)
world fair king louis from library.jpg (182869 bytes) dan hatch confer minister and andrie Karl2.jpg (101302 bytes)
Conference Minister Dan Hatch
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wpeE.jpg (47162 bytes)
student art
wpe10.jpg (63566 bytes)
letter to me from a student
wpe12.jpg (53156 bytes)
Children greet me at Cosby's Hope
United Church of Christ in Missouri
wpe19.jpg (41225 bytes) wpe17.jpg (59574 bytes) wpe14.jpg (46221 bytes)
my father's handwritten oath which he wrote on the back of the photo
you see to the left - a photo he carried with him into war and was found amongst the things recovered from his body after his death and sent back to my mother
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