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February and March are busy months for Blue and Gold Banquets so call early to reserve your date and time.



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Scout Programs

Church Programs
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Blue and Gold Banquet dubbings

The Scout and the Knight

True Stories of Knights

The Armor and the Sword

A Knight from the Inside Out

The Oath of the Knight and the Oath of the Scout

Each program can be mixed and matched to your needs.  Free images of the armor and of the horse I ride are provided for each scout.  Opportunity to fire a catapult and to try on the helmet of a knight may be a part of the program.

The Knight in the Kingdom of God and the History of the Church

The Whole Armor of God (Eph. 6)

A Children's Crusade

A Mother's Letter to Me

I come presenting making a call for young people to "enlist" in the army of God by receiving the Lord Jesus as King and Savior, trusting in His royal blood shed for our sins and then being equipped to taking a stand against the devil covered by the armor of God and teach them how the Lord uses us to bring others into His Kingdom so that they too might have a room prepared for them in the Father's House.


The Oath of the Knight: An Evangelist for the King of Kings

The Sword of God

Biblical Chivalry

The Crusading Knight of Jesus Christ

Stories Based on Teachings of Scripture

Each program can be mixed and matched.  Free images of the armor and pictures for young people.  Programs are customized for all ages and groups so that adult groups as well as the youngest children's groups can benefit.