All My Stories and The Truth About the Knight on One CD-Rom Disk

This cd is full of exciting stories that promote chivalry for young people.  The oath of the knight, the morning ritual of the knight and an explanation of the knight's crest of arms are also on this cd.

Play it in any cd-player in the car when you travel or at home for their bed time stories.  Here is a list of all the stories you will receive.  These are the stories I tell when I come to your school, scout meeting, church or Sunday School or birthday party or wedding rehearsal dinner.

  1. Sir Kwain and the Armadillo and the Name Dragon - a story about the importance of your name
  2. Sir Watermelon (or Sir Pumpkin depending upon the season!)
  3. The Knight, The Poor Man and the Baker
  4. Sir William Marshall
  5. Humpty Dumpty and the Knight
  6. The Morning Ritual of the Knight
  7. The Symbols on the Crest of Arms

If you wish a cd with just one of these stories on it the cost is $5.00.  If you wish a cd with one or more stories listed above the total cost is $15.00.


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