Armored Service is Classic and Historic Protection for Restaurant Parking Lots, Churches and Other Events

As a knight I carry only medieval weapons - a sword, mace, dagger, lance and throwing axe.  These I carry as 'props' and I do not use them to actually 'protect' you.  They are not sharpened weapons.  I carry them for the purpose of encouraging those on parking lots who may be thinking of doing harm to think twice on a night when a knight is on duty.

If someone would try to harm one of your guests, my plan is to give them a nice big steel hug with my armored arms in the name of the Lord of the Universe Jesus Christ, hold them in His love until they yield to reason but if necessary fall on them as an illustration of His restraining grace until you can call the police.  For a knight in 82 pounds of steel is a good anchor for the wicked until the police can arrive, don't you think!!