Photos of armor, sword and shield

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The armor on these pages was created by Christian Fletcher of Namba, Idaho.

He may be appearing with me at the Art Museum in St. Louis, Missouri in November of 2000.

His website is:


The chain mail was made by his good wife.
The blade of one of my swords is engraved with medieval symbols.
This is the piece of armor that covers one of my upper thighs.
This is one of the two types of gauntlets Christian Fletcher made for me.  The cuff is etched by acid and is a replica of the pattern etched in medieval gauntlets.
This is the larger of the two gauntlets with a deeper cuff which covers more of the forearm.  The glove is made of deer skin.
The sabaton or steel shoe - notice the hinge and the hole for the pin which enclosed the leather moccassin worn beneath it.
This is the pommel of one of my swords.  Inside the hollow of this pommel are two objects - a lock of my wife's hair and a small scroll with the words of Ephesians 6 about the armor of God.  The lions on the hilt were traditional decorations symbolizing the power of the sword.
This shield was made by an Australian shield maker.  The red cross symbolizes the knight's conviction that the blood of Jesus shed on the cross is our source of forgiveness and shows how much God loves us.  The blue and white stripes were on my father's shoulder the day he was killed in WWII as he was a part of the third division of the U.S. army.  The flower like objects are traditional symbols of the Trinity - the affrimation that God is one God in substance but three in person - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - yet One God.  This is a traditional symbol of King Louis the IX of St. Louis, one of the greatest Christian kings.

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