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Programs available for all age from K-12th Grades.  I have presented many varied programs to public and private schools as well as home schooling associations. With a Masters degree and many, many years of teaching experience with persons of all ages from pre-school through the University levels, my educational programs are designed to hit just the right age groups level of understanding and interest.

This is a list of the topics I can cover:

  1. A Knight from the Inside Out - dealing with the why a man became a knight, his attitudes and inner-life but also dealing with the "outside" of a knight - his armor and how it reflects that inner-life.
  2. The Armor of the Knight - everything from the names of the various pieces to the functionality of that armor. I put on the armor when I arrive and can take it off in the presence of the students to show them how it attaches to the knight's body. The armor I wear is authentic down to the very hinges and pins that hold it together. The sword is an exact replica of a medieval sword and I describe what the knight put into the pommel or handle of the sword - a lock of his lady's hair and a special scroll with some very important words.
  3. The typical day in the life of a knight - in story form I take the students through such a day as he awakens and rides from one errand into another and I also bring the students up to date and describe what life is like for a knight today, explaining to them that I actually am a "real" knight - not an actor - having taken the 1,000 year oath (an oath which is recited and explained).
  4. The meaning of chivalry - in true stories I relate the meaning of chivalry and encourage students to understand that true power is strength used in humble service to others. The moral and ethical aspects of knighthood are lifted up and applied to our lives today. Not so much "preaching" but more a fascinating relating of true stories that exemplify what being chivalrous persons is all about.
  5. For younger children, even down to the pre-school children, there is a presentation of special stories like "Sir Kwain and the armadillo" which is on the website. These stories are mostly just for fun but do help the younger ones become a bit more familiar with what a knight is like. For kindergarten through third graders there are other stories that are geared to their age level to help them understand what a knight is and what he does.
  6. For older children even through the high school ages there are a variety of historical true stories about knights that make for interesting educational lessons. In literature classes, I present some of the King Arthur stories along with some chivalrous poetry.

These are but a few of the topics I have covered. Most of the time I customize the program to incorporate specific topics or subjects that are unique for the educational setting.