Mr. John Prescott Jr. -

a marine knight of World War II

This man stepped in for my mother and I when my father was killed.  Because of him, I never knew what it meant to be a fatherless child.   Raising me as his own son, he raised me to respect my father's name, worked as a line-man on a phone gang after the war to support us and provided me with two tremendous brothers - John and Michael.

Here is a man who knew how to raise boys.  We were disciplined firmly but he played with us freely - baseball, camping, swimming, vacations in the summer.  He was a hands-on father for us.

And stories - wonderful stories at bed-time - filling our minds with the adventures of knights of old.  When I led the VP parade here in St. Louis as a knight - he was here to watch and laugh and enjoy it all - even dubbing me with the sword.  My Dad Kindt prayed that God would look after me and here is the man God sent to do the job.

He fought the Japanese at Iwo Jima and helped liberate many from the tyranny of that era.  A knight who helped defeat the Samauri warriors of our age.