1904 World's Fair Presentations and Courses

  1. I am teaching two courses about the 1904 Fair.  One course is offered at Webster University starting in April 2004 and runs for 8 weeks.  Please email me if you are interested.  The other course is a one day seminar at East Central College in Union, Missouri offered on October 18th, a Saturday from 8-11 a.m.

  2. I also come to schools, churches, scout meetings, senior groups and any group that would like a slideshow about the 1904 World's fair.

And I come in full medieval armor with an explanation as to why a knight would be making a presentation about this 100 year old fair.



In 1904 St. Louis hosted what was then and is still today the largest and most amazing of all World's Fairs ever held.  Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis was then the call to come to a place never since replicated in human history.  The slideshow I present to audiences is meant to take you back to 1904 and experience a time and culture so radically different from ours today that you might experience time-travel shock.  But the journey is worth the startling sites you will see.

Although I am a knight I also enjoy presenting other aspects of human history and this fair of 1904 has go to be one of the most important cultural and moral events that has taken place in the past one hundred years.

This program is designed for social studies in public schools, senior citizens groups, church groups, scouts, home school groups and anyone interested in learning the fascinating lessons from a World's Fair that still has its postive and negative ramifications for our age.

Festival Hall was located right in front of the Art Museum.  It was at least twice as high and seated 5,000 people to hear the world's largest organ ever built - an organ that still exists and is still the world's largest.


Here are but a few images you will see and hear about during the presentation.  For more information about the fair and the virtualworldfairs.org website click HERE.