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Other Programs presented to Schools, Scouts, Libraries, Clubs, Seniors, Churches
Diversity of Cultures - E Pluribus Unum Click HERE

3d Photo Workshops CLICK HERE
Thinking, Observing and Remembering Like Sherlock Holmes
Historic Games, Tricks and Jokes from Many Cultures Click HERE
The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair in 3d Slideshow with Music - CLICK HERE
Explore the World Using Gigapan Program - Meet a Photographing Robot CLICK HERE!
3d Sculptures of St. Louis Program CLICK HERE
Immigration and the Statue of Liberty - in 3d and LIVE CLICK HERE
Program About Awesome New Technologies About to Happen CLICK HERE
President Lincoln and the CIVIL War in 3D Slideshow with Music Click HERE
Knight in Full Armor with Tales of Chivalry

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Dubbed a Knight by 11 Mayors in Missouri, Illinois, New York


  1. School Programs Knights & Chivalry

  2. Scout Programs  Knights & Scouts

  3. Church Programs - armor of God

  4. Birthday Parties - Games & Stories

  5. Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners

  6. Armed Guard

  7. Libraries

  8. Handle and Try on Real Armor

  9. The Knight and Children

  10. The Armor and its Sound video clip

  11. Fencing Information


Stories that Promote Chivalry
Order your Audio CD of all the stories listed below - only $15 and that includes shipping and an autographed color photo of this knight in his armor

  1. Sir William Marshall - true story

  2. King Louis IX - true story

  3. Sir Gawain & the Loathly Lady

  4. Sir Watermelon

  5. Sir KWAIN and the Name Dragon

  6. Sir KWAIN and Humpty Dumpty

  7. Sir KWAIN and Peter Pumpkin Eater

  8. Sir Wally the Big Knight and the Little Chicken

  9. The Village of IMNOTSURE

  10. The Village of Kaboom

  11. Sir KWAIN and Rumplestiltskin

  12. The Scout Oath and the Knight
    Values in these Stories